Foreign Women: Falling In Love Beyond Borders

Why Fall In Love With Foreign Women?

Loving foreign women can be risky and fulfilling at the same time.

Dating foreign women is certainly not a new phenomenon. Despite these types of relationships existing throughout history, natural constraints on travel and communication always limited them. Limitations in terms of technology were matched by geographical and cultural barriers. Interracial dating and marriages also weren’t socially acceptable in many insular cultures. With the nearly limitless possibilities that today’s technology brings, however, relationship hindrances like distance and tradition are slowly fading into the dustbin of history.

Indeed, stories of love that transcend geographical boundaries and break through cultural barriers are no longer considered impossible. This is a testament to the interesting times in which we live. These are times in which love has proven to be universal; knowing no borders, knowing no race, being unhindered by distance and understood by all languages.

Here are just a few of the many reasons and risks to join the revolution and giving international dating a try:

  • (LDR) Long Distance Relationship
The biggest risk, when it comes to committing to foreign women, is the potential for a long distance relationship. This is a possibility that you must be aware of and wholeheartedly accept before dating foreign women. Most international relationships begin this way, since leaving your life behind and moving to a different country for love is a big step. Going through immigration authorities may also be quite tedious.

While they are, perhaps, the least enticing initial aspect of dating foreign women, LDR can be beautiful and beneficial for a long-term relationship.  With a little creativity, lots of patience and an unwavering resolve, you may find that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

This type of arrangement may not be tenable in the long term.  If, however, you can push through this initial stage of your relationship, few things will be capable of coming between you and your foreign love. If you’re able to pass this test apart, just imagine what you can accomplish together.

Distance can also be an excellent test of trust, patience, and commitment. Surpassing these challenges could mean that you’re ready for a long-term relationship and your foreign girlfriend is a keeper. Though it might be a risky proposition in some ways, foreign women are risk takers when it comes to love. They don’t easily give up and will strive hard to keep the relationship going. They are, after all, gambling with their hearts in the game of love, just like you.

  • Cultural Differences
Although many may view it as a bane rather than a boon, cultural differences may actually be something you can grow to appreciate when dating foreign women. There may be struggles at first, and even misunderstandings, due to your differences in customs and traditions. Things that are acceptable to you may not be okay for your partner. Like many other aspects of dating foreign women, this too can be overcome though.

Eventually, your cultural differences might actually be something that further connects you. It’s is really just a matter of perspective. Your differences can also be an avenue for learning and personal growth. Discerning more about, and experiencing a different culture, first-hand can lend perspective.

Having something new to look forward to every single day is also exciting. Equally exciting for her will be you sharing your own culture and traditions. Exchanging entirely new ways of life is an exciting bonding experience.
  • Language Differences
Language differences may sound like a major hurdle, but if you can overcome the initial difficulty, coming together linguistically can be life-changing, for you and your future.  Learning the language of your foreign girlfriend is self-improvement and skill-building, apart from the relationship benefits. Also, studies show that interracial children who speak multiple languages at home are actually smarter, taller, and better educated than their monolingual peers. You learning your foreign girlfriend’s/foreign brides language will, therefore, improve life for your future children as well as you.

Relationships with foreign women may be a bit overwhelming at times. However, few things in life come without risk, especially dating, domestically or overseas.  No one ever succeeded – in any aspect of life – just by staying in their comfort zones.

Nothing worth having comes easy”. This is also true when it comes to having love. So, take a risk, place your bet, and give yourself a chance at winning a lifetime of happiness; love beyond borders.


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