Top 5 Romantic Wedding Themes
Wedding is a special day that must be cherished forever. With that, most people want to have an extravagant wedding celebration since being wedded with your most-loved person on earth will only happen once. Thus, most people spend a big amount of money just to have the best wedding ever. One of the most important things to be considered in that special day is the wedding theme. Sometimes, choosing the best one is the most complex part.
Are you having problems in choosing your very own wedding theme? Getting sick of the mainstream style and is uncertain as to what theme you guys should have? Worry no more for here, we are going to help you out with that! If you and your partner are the type of couple who want to have a romantic yet unique wedding theme, this article will give you some ideas to easily transform that desire into reality.
Here are some wedding themes that you and your mail-order bride may choose from:

  • Classic or Traditional Wedding

A classic or traditional wedding is often a formal occasion. More often than not, this includes: the couple marrying inside the church; the bride wearing a white classic wedding dress which is usually in a ballgown-style; the bridesmaids putting on elegant gowns; the groom dressing himself up in a classic black tuxedo; the groomsmen wearing a formal suit also; then formal celebrations are to be followed after the ceremony. This wedding ceremony includes flower girls, ushers, and a ring bearer.

The celebration also involves: wedding pictorials, slicing of cake, speeches for the newly-wedded couple, first dance of the couple, father-daughter and mother-son dances, and lastly, the garter and the bouquet toss. Also, the guests can come past one by one to congratulate the couple.

  • Vintage Style Wedding

Vintage-themed wedding means that the style of the entire wedding will be similar to that of the ancient times. This theme can be expressed through the garments used, hair and makeup worn, as well as the aura of the venue, decoration and flower choice. This wedding theme also includes: jazz music, vintage photoshoot and vintage wedding cars will be used to emphasize the theme itself. Vintage style wedding can be a formal occasion too like the classic one, however, this may not include all the traditional formalities, such as a bridal party.

  • Garden or Outdoors Wedding

Generally, a wedding that takes place in a garden or outdoors is a relaxed ceremony. Its dress code can be casual or formal, depending on what has been agreed. After the wedding ceremony, most couples choose to continue the celebration outdoors and make a festival-inspired setting, with the inclusion of food and outdoor games. Some couples on the other hand, would choose to move the wedding celebration into an indoor reception for a more formal dinner and other evening formalities. Newly-wedded couples who agreed to have the celebration outdoors usually have their first dance under the moonlit night while they are surrounded by the guests with sparklers in hand. That’s a more romantic scene!

  • Beach Wedding

In a beach wedding, guests are not required to wear formal vests since this wedding theme is typically a relaxed ceremony. Other couples opt to have a casual approach with regards to their wedding attire. Some brides even choose to wear sandals or no footwear at all to enhance the theme itself. Mostly, a beach wedding is very intimate, and it only includes a handful of close friends and family to celebrate with. However, it still depends on you. Most of the on-the-beach wedding will include a ceremony that is done on the beach itself, followed by a reception which is close at hand.

  • Farm Wedding

A country or farm wedding is a wedding which is literally held at a farm. To give emphasis on the theme, the couples may wear boots and use trucks as a wedding transport. These types of wedding are usually sit-down occasions which also don’t require the guests to abide on the so-called formal dress code. Moreover, the reception can be held as well at a nearby barn-house. With regards to the traditional formalities and the members, the couples may agree to have many members or few. It also depends on you and your partner.
If you have already found the genuine love you have been looking for among these foreign women in our site, take these themes into consideration. One of the aforementioned themes is perfect for your desired romantic wedding, thus make it a reality by choosing one from these!.


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