Top Wedding Venues in the Philippines

Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding which will narrate her love story or will even fit her own personality. Thus, do not be surprised by how creative and imaginative your mail-order bride can be when it comes to your wedding preparations. It is normal for women to care too much about the wedding. Why? It’s because it will only happen once and therefore, everything must be perfect.
However, here’s the bigger question. Have you decided about the wedding venue yet? What kind of wedding are you planning to have? Do you want to try a relaxing beach wedding, or maybe a vintage-inspired one? You can also have a sunset wedding venue for a romantic sight. But if confusions hit you hard, take time to read this article.
In choosing a wedding venue and theme, you must be wise enough. Bear in mind that your theme must correspond to your venue and vice versa. To help you in finding a perfect wedding venue that will surely complement your wedding theme, set your eyes here.
If you are marrying foreign women and looking for a classy yet luxurious wedding venue, undeniably, Philippines is the way to go. Here are few of the wedding venues that you might choose from:



Travel to El Nido and celebrate the beginning of your ‘forever’ with a scenic and laid-back setting. El Nido Resorts in Palawan offer nothing but the best when it comes to weddings. To have a picture-perfect kind of wedding, the resort, being composed of four different islands, offers various settings that can perfectly handle that most awaited day of yours. You can opt to get married on a cove near a lagoon. This venue is picturesque for those people who are looking for a tranquil and tropical paradise.

  • Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu

If you are planning to take into consideration a beach wedding, Movenpick Hotel and Resort in Mactan, Cebu is a great choice indeed. This resort is Mediterranean-inspired and is ideally just few kilometers from the MCIA (Mactan Cebu International Airport). It technically has a trendy vibe which is suitable for couples and offers several locations for weddings. One of its best beach destinations is Ibiza Beach Club which is a premier venue for most sought-after events.


  • Diamond Hotel

If you want to have a sunset wedding, Diamond Hotel is highly recommended. It is located in the heart of Manila, Philippines’ business and leisure centers. This luxury hotel offers a glorious view of the magnificent Manila Bay sunset. Moreover, it has plenty of deluxe and cozy areas for your reception; that includes the Grand Ballroom and Constellation Events’ Place which are both located at its 27th floor.

  • Nami Resort

A place that offers a spectacular view of Boracay, Nami Resort promises you a scenic wedding ceremony. This resort rests on top of a cliff in Diniwid Beach. Given that, it serves as a tropical paradise that is located between the sky and the sea. The resort’s more secluded location provides an ultimate and intimate setting for your special day. You can even choose to tie the knot outdoors under the clear blue sky and having the sound of the sea and the beautiful sunset as your background.


  • Hill Creek Gardens

Among all the wedding spots in Tagaytay, Hill Creek Gardens stands out because it is convenient and comfortable. Due to this wedding garden, Tagaytay is now a home to lots of wedding venues. Its gardens look splendid. Its chapel looks stunning with the abundance of green surroundings. Also, it has a natural rustic ambience on it. This resort serves as a famous destination for those couples who wish to have an intimate garden wedding.

  • Tagaytay Highlands

If you wish to get away from the bustle life of the city during your wedding day, Tagaytay Highlands is a great place to visit. What can be found in the scenic Tagaytay Highlands are the overlooking Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.There is a beautiful chapel inside its area, “Madre De Dios”. It is attractively old-fashioned and air-conditioned chapel on a hilltop. Its adorable sight will surely capture your heart.


  • Hacienda Isabella


 Hacienda Isabella, with an airy yet elegant white house, is home to many celebrity weddings. It is located in Indang, Cavite. An old-fashioned yet capturing farmhouse is surrounded by fruit-bearing trees. The four-hectare place is also filled with reproductions of antique furniture. One of the great things about this venue is that it is budget-friendly. Thus, if you want to have a vintage wedding theme, do consider Hacienda Isabella.

  • Balay Indang


Balay Indang boasts of its expensive garden that is filled with various cacti of flowers and trees. One of the most chosen places in Cavite for a wedding venue is the Red Ginger Farm and Garden, popularly known as Balay Indang. This place would actually make a charming location for your very special day. It has a serene atmosphere that you and your guests will surely appreciate. Balay Indang is budget-friendly too. Celebrate your wedding day here!

Those are the top weddings venues in the Philippines. In choosing a perfect venue, the aforementioned ones can be of great help. Let your dream wedding happen in an enchanting and picturesque place!


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